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タイトル: A Brief Review of the Determinants of Memory Development and Application to Educational Situations
著者: TOYOTA, Hiroshi
キーワード: memory development
memory strategy
発行日: 2011年11月30日
出版者: 奈良教育大学
収録雑誌名: 奈良教育大学紀要. 人文・社会科学
巻: 60
号: 1
開始ページ: 19
終了ページ: 26
ISSN: 05472393
収録種別: 紀要論文
抄録: The purpose of the present study was to review the recent research on memory development for applications to educational situations. Recent studies of memory during childhood have indicated that the quantity, the quality, and especially the flexibility of memory strategies are critical for memory performance. Some research has stressed that the most critical factor is the use of a memory strategy which takes into account the resources or stage of development of an individual. Because effective memory strategies use more mental resources, there are fewer residual mental resources for remembering information about a target and therefore the memory of the target may be poorer. Memory strategies may be unsuitable for children, who have limited resources, but it may be possible to teach effective alternative strategies. It is critical to examine how to teach effective memory strategies taking into consideration of resources available to children.
言語: eng
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10105/8176
出現コレクション:第60巻 第1号 人文・社会科学 (2011)


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